Watercolor is a wonderful way to express my love for nature and color. It is not forgiving, and if a mistake is made. it is a challenge to work with…but that is what attracts me the most. I feel like my hand is being guided and the drips and blotches become a way to make the paint less controlled by me and more controlled by a higher power. My motto today is strive for excellence and not perfection, enabling me
to explore and loosen and better enjoy what
I am doing.

After a few years only using watercolor, I accidentally took a class in pastel. I immediately was wowed by this medium. It is colorful, fun to use, and forgiving. I have one section in my studio for pastel and another for watercolor. I love starting a painting at each station and working back and forth. With watercolor you start with the lights first...
with pastels you start with the darks. This keeps me focused and aware of the process  as I paint. In my art experience, I strive to paint intentionally, and paint meaningfully.  

I have loved animals all of my life and always had a pet, even if it was just a fish. Dogs and cats are my muses. I started by painting pictures of my own pets, but soon was painting everyone’s pet. I now paint commissions from photos and a brief description of the animal's personality.

My standard commissions are painted in watercolor, 11xx14, mostly dogs and cats, (sometimes fish!), matted and protected in a glassine envelope for $150.
I have also been commissioned to paint birds, horses, cows, and goats…The sky’s the limit!