Watercolor has been Karen’s passion for the past 20 years, and fifteen

years ago she picked up pastels and loves them also. Now she splits her

time between the two and enjoys the lessons she learns from exploring

both medium.

Karen mostly paints landscapes, but also paints florals, pet portraits, and

sometimes abstracts. She likes painting plein aire, but usually ends up in

her studio using a photo and her imagination. She feels like she grows with

each painting that she completes and is still exploring all different aspects

of the world on paper. Painting adds passion to her life and gives her great

comfort and joy.

She is a member of the Folsom Art Association, Sacramento Fine Arts

Center ( WASH),the Placer County Arts Council, California Art Club, the

Pastel Society of the West Coast, and Blue Line Arts Gallery.

Karen’s most recent award was Painting of the Year Florals with the

Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 2022

Artist statement

Art has always been a part of my life.

I started drawing and designing clothes for my paper dolls as a child. I always took art classes in high school along with my college prep classes and then majored in Art and Math at UC Davis and became an Art/Math high school teacher for the next 30 years.

When I retired I dove full force into my love for painting. I started with watercolors by taking a class taught by a local artist and then found a local artist teaching pastels. After taking a few classes, I was committed to a daily routine of painting, even if it was sometimes only for 10 minutes.

Some people use meditation to find serenity. I use painting and feel so fortunate that I found this venue to find peace in my life.